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Deploying PHP web applications on Windows Azure

PHP web applications are first class citizens in the Azure and WIndows Server ecosystems and Microsoft is providing great tools to simplify the development, deployment and management of PHP web applications in the cloud. In this session we will introduce the Azure platform, create and deploy web applications with the Windows Azure SDK for PHP, [...]

Getting Started with Static Analysis using HipHop for PHP

Facebook’s HipHop for PHP can provide massive performance benefits, but it may not be feasible to use in your environment. However, it can be configured to provide static analysis of your code base, uncovering bugs and problems before they happen in production. This talk will provide an overview of HpHp’s benefits and limitations and how [...]

Create your own PHP extension, step by step

Ever been interested by contributing to the PHP core team? In this workshop you will not only learn how (easy it is) to create your own PHP extension from scratch but you will also strengthen your knowledge of PHP by disecting its internals. After this workshop, you will be able to create an extension on [...]

CLI, the other SAPI

Most developers use PHP in a web context and run their code via Apache. The command line interface (CLI) is another approach to run PHP without the overhead of your webserver.This talk not only illustrates the usage of the PHP binary, but also some use cases for which the CLI is the better tool. Keywords: [...]

Test Driven Development with Symfony 2

Symfony 2 is the new wave in the PHP ecosystem, while TDD adoption grows steadily. This session brings the two together and shows test driven development for real, in a live coding session as if it was in a day-by-day activity.

Io cache, tu database

In contesti in cui l’ordine di misura delle grandezze è il milione una piccola modifica permette facilmente di risparmiare milioni di operazioni con benefici per tutti: infrastruttura, utente, developer, cliente. La memoria è spesso una risorsa sottovalutata e non sfruttata al meglio. È invece possibile migliorare in modo efficace parti dell’applicazione che altrimenti consumerebbero risorse [...]

Symfony2 and MongoDB

In this talk we will see how to use MongoDB in Symfony2 projects to speed up the development of web applications. We will give an introduction of MongoDB as a NoSQL database server and look at the options on how to work with it from Symfony2 and PHP applications.

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