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PHPCR – PHP Content Repository Specification

The PHPCR specification is a port of the Java Content Repository specification to PHP. It defines an API that combines the power of NoSQL databases with hierarchical data structures and versioning, powerful search and other features. On top of Content repositories, like Midgard2 or Jackrabbit, developers can implement the API to provide generic access to [...]

Designing HTTP Interfaces and RESTful Web Services

A lot of Web Services today claim to be RESTful APIs. But are they really? Do the URLs accurately identify resources? Are the powers of HTTP leveraged properly? What is “hypermedia”, what is the Uniform Interface, and what is the secret behind the HATEOAS acronym that is so essential to the REST architectural style? This [...]

Scaling Communication with Continuous Integration

At Etsy, we continuously deploy code. New features and bug fixes can go from development to production in 20 minutes. We have maintained this low barrier to deployment over the past year despite nearly doubling the number of people that can deploy. Communication has a huge impact on the velocity of development and moving forward. [...]

Step By Step: Making a website fly with Assetic, Varnish and ESI

Starting with a demo web site that is not optimized, i will demonstrate step by step how the user experience can be improved. Improving the speed the end user experiences in his browser is more than writing efficient code. The goal is to reduce the time between the initial request and the moment the browser [...]

An introduction to Phing the PHP build system

An insight into the Phing build system for PHP, why and how you might use it along with where it sits with related tools such as PHPUnit, PHP Code Sniffer, PHP Mess Detector etc. We will also take a brief look at how Phing can integrate with Continuous Integration, taking Jenkins as our example. We [...]

Symfony CMF

Symfony CMF, along with PHPCR standard, is the new trend of content management in the PHP ecosystem. Here we’ll see details and future path of this solid PHP project.

PHP Extensions, why and what?

So you’ve heard that PHP supports extensions. But what are they exactly, what can you do with them, and what can’t you do with them? And mostly, why would you or would you not want to spend time writing them? This session will introduce you into what PHP extensions are, and what they can do [...]

Scalable architectures: Taming the Twitter Firehose

Handling lots of real-time streams of information, when Twitter alone is producing 250+ million tweets a day and 27 million links to news and media, can be a daunting task. This talk will cover how to develop a platform that can deal with billions of items per day, perform complex analysis and serve thousands of [...]

Mastering PHP Data Structure 102

We all have certainly learned data structures at school: arrays, lists, sets, stacks, queues (LIFO/FIFO), heaps, associative arrays, trees, … and what do we mostly use in PHP? The “array”! In most cases, we do everything and anything with it but we stumble upon it when profiling code. During this session, we’ll learn again to [...]

Mobile Drupal

Drupal è uno strumento che permette di sviluppare applicazioni web con rapidità e semplicità, in questa sessione analizzeremo le tecniche che permettono di trasferire le stesse metodologie per lo sviluppo di applicazioni mobile. Faremo una overview di applicazioni già sviluppate, sull’utilizzo delle API e dei moduli contrib e su come creare applicazioni native integrando framework [...]

Building a self-sufficient team

Last year I presented a speech on how we were trying to solve some of Ideato’s organizational problems. This year I’ll talk about what we achieved and how, and in which direction we are going on. This speech will focus on how we are trying to create a self-sufficient and self-organized team. I’ll talk about [...]

Best Practice in API Design

This session is aimed at programmers, architects and analysts alike, delving into some examples of ways to write really excellent and useful services. We’ll cover selecting the right service type to use and how to design a flexible, maintainable system with an outward-facing API that will have your users easily utilising its features. There will [...]

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