Nick Galbreath

Nick Galbreath



Nick Galbreath is a director of engineering at Etsy, overseeing enterprise features including fraud, security, business operations and internal tools. Over the last 18 years, Nick has held leadership positions in number of social and e-commerce companies, including Right Media, UPromise, Friendster, and Open Market, and has consulted for many more. He is the author "Cryptography for Internet and Database Applications" (Wiley), and was awarded a number of patents in the area of social networking. He holds a master's degree in mathematics from Boston University.


Getting Started with Static Analysis using HipHop for PHP

Facebook’s HipHop for PHP can provide massive performance benefits, but it may not be feasible to use in your environment. However, it can be configured to provide static analysis of your code base, uncovering bugs and problems before they happen in production. This talk will provide an overview of HpHp’s benefits and limitations and how [...]

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