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Taking it to the next level

The state of the PHP world has been most precarious over the past few years and many developers moved over to other languages and other technologies because PHP was lacking something that other emerging techs were providing. With the rise of cloud computing, cutting edge frameworks and amazing platforms, PHP can be sexy again. This [...]

PHP in 2012

A look at the state of PHP in 2012 and how it fits into the current technology stack followed by an overview of what you should and shouldn’t be doing along with a summary of new features in PHP 5.4.

Developing PHP in the Cloud

The cloud opens a new range of options for developing in ways that a very short time ago seemed like science fiction. The Zend Developer Cloud service enables developers to instantly get started developing complex PHP applications, freely and painlessly – while enabling cool new workflows for developing & collaborating with developers around the world. [...]

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