Garrett Woodworth

Garrett Woodworth



Garrett Woodworth, better known as GWoo, is a passionate open source developer and community member. He earned street cred as project manager of CakePHP, where he focused on usability and development. Gwoo continues to innovate in PHP web framework space as project manager of Lithium, the most rad PHP framework. He values test-driven development and looks to promote better quality open source software through process and tooling. He likes Git, MongoDb, ZeroMQ, and Clouds. When not working on open source projects, Gwoo is currently engineering distributed systems at EngineYard, Inc. Gwoo holds a bachelor's degree in history from the University of Hawaii and a JD/MBA from Fordham University, where he studied intellectual property and information systems.


Streams: An In-Depth Look

Arguably the most underestimated feature of PHP, the Streams Layer allows easy access to any data source using standard file i/o functions. Want to seamlessly use Amazon S3 for your data layer? What about an easy caching layer? Yep, you can do that too.

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