Filippo DeSantis

Filippo DeSantis



Filippo De Santis graduated in Computer Science at Bologna University with a theses on Agile methodologies and TDD in collaboration with Ideato s.r.l. He first got in touch with Agile Methodologies at Durham University (UK), where he studied for 9 months. He has been working at Ideato s.r.l. since 2008, constantly increasing his knowledge of php and Agile development. He likes nearly any kind of food.


Building a self-sufficient team

Last year I presented a speech on how we were trying to solve some of Ideato’s organizational problems. This year I’ll talk about what we achieved and how, and in which direction we are going on. This speech will focus on how we are trying to create a self-sufficient and self-organized team. I’ll talk about [...]

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