#8 Interview with Stefano Mainardi

This is the eighth ‘social’ interview in a series with the phpDay 2012 speakers:
it’s ‘social’ because the questions have been submitted and voted online on Facebook.

 We are happy to introduce you Stefano Mainardi, a senior PHP developer and Twinbit project manager and ILDN – Italian Linux Distribution Network  - founder.

He will give a session at phpDay called “Mobile Drupal“ Friday 18th May at 12:00 am on track 1.

The Interview:

Things that you consider before choosing a framework for a project?
The first thing I check is if the name begins with “Dru” and ends with “Pal”. After this bad joke, the three things I consider essential for a good framework are: community, documentation and feedback from other developers.

What should i learn next?
Have you heard of Symfony and Drupal 8? :-)
From the human side, speaking in public is something that every good developer should be able to do, if you have ever done, perhaps it’s time to give it a try.
Finally find more effective techniques for managing your time.

What are your thoughts about functional programming?
Before answering this question I should ask for a consultation at my law firm

Sheldon or Leonard?
I’m not a big fan, or rather I never had the time to be. I saw a couple of episodes, but I would say that Sheldon is the perfect revenge of any nerds of this planet

Who’s your programming hero?
Usually my brother. Ok, seriously, I have no heroes, in the strictest sense of the word. All people who contribute every day to create models of freedom for pure spirit of sharing are my undisputed hero.

What features would you like to see in the next PHP version?
A native compiler like HipHop from Facebook

Who killed JFK?
Leland Palmer

What’s the average beer per hour factor during conferences and a normal hangout?
Whenever I have the perfect algorithm to share with the world, I drink more beer than ever that makes me forget everything.

What do you think about php 5.4 traits?
A great leap forward.

Duran Duran or Spandau Ballet?
This is the perfect scenario of the failing question selection algorithm.

What do you like and what not about php?
I love the community, but do not like the lack of self criticism.

Which opensource projects are you following the most?
Come on, should I really say that again? :P

Did your love for programming cause you some troubles with your partner?
No, she always believed I was some kind of genius, and it’s nice to make her believe that. I am also leaving an aura of mystery into believing that I have superpowers that I never revealed

Suggest a book to read.
I suggest you to contact Jacopo Romei (@jacoporomei) and ask him what’s the next book to read: he has a foolproof algorithm.

You can find Stefano on twitter (@stefanomainardi) and on his blog.



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