Here we are… again!

As you can see we are online with a brand new website and we’re working hard to organize the phpDay 2012 edition.
The phpDay massively evolved over time: it started as a conference aimed to italian amateur and professional developers and is now become one of the most important european PHP events.
The past speakers list include Zeev Suraski (Zend), Rasmus Ledorf (creator of PHP), Fabien Potencier (Symfony), Johnathan Wage (Doctrine), Enrico Zimuel (Zend Framework), Sebastian Bergmann (PHPUnit), Dustin Whittle (Yahoo!, Symfony), Scott Chacon (github) and many more.

This year we want more!

The CFP is already open:

And guess what?

You can register too: the early bird tickets are available at and you can choose to partecipate also to the jsDay conference.

Don’t forget to follow us on twitter (@phpday, @jsconfit) or on the phpDay and jsDay facebook pages.

Stay tuned!

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