Juozas Kaziukėnas

Juozas Kaziukėnas



Juozas, or as everyone calls him Joe, is an experienced and talented (some say) young professional, working with all kind of web projects as founder and CEO of Web Species Ltd - starting from small to medium websites and ending with enterprise business tools. When not working, he finds time to pursue a computer science degree and contribute to open-source projects to improve interoperability and platform independence. His hands-on practice with collection of different technologies and programming languages allows him to deliver unbiased and practical presentations in all kind of different topics.


Lazy Evaluation: stop wasting memory and time

Processing one billion database rows doesn’t need to kill your web server. Really, it doesn’t. Applying lazy evaluation ideas you can make your scripts handle as much data as there exists, never using more memory than one unit’s size (for example a database row). Using clever iterators, cursors and streams I’ll show you how you [...]

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