Helgi Thorbjoernsson

Helgi Thorbjoernsson



I am an Icelander transplanted in Ireland, co-founded Orchestra.io, a PHP PaaS that recently was acquired by EngineYard. In my spare time I am a PEAR extraordinaire, author, lecturer and passionate about anything distributed / performance related. Currently all my attention is divided between Orchestra, the PEAR installer, Pyrus and FRAPI. Helgi frequently gives talks at various PHP and Web conferences around the world as well as writing articles for print and web magazines alike.


PHAR, the PHP .exe format

Learn about what the PHAR (PHP Archives) format is all about. A PHAR is conceptually similar to a Java JAR but made to fit PHP’s needs. Hear how to use it to distribute your product to clients, why open source projects have started offering their projects as a PHAR file, run your application directly from [...]

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